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Due to an overwhelming and blessed list of redo customers, I am temporarily closing my red door until 2023.  All of my customers who I have spoken to and have been booked through the Spring of 2022 are my main priority. Throughout the next year and a half, I will be embarking on a Spiritual Art Journey.  In order to keep my art fresh and current, I will be reinventing my business so that it reflects my profound emotional attachments to color, lines, balance and nature.  Between each of my current, beautiful customers that are booked for several months, I will be embracing my art identity into a more cohesive, mindful and natural being.  I have found that the thread that has been woven into red door redo's Art Soul has been strengthened with each new story I have told and person I have met.  It is Indescribable!! It has energized me. The universe has recently been knocking on my red door, guiding me to take the first step towards this super exciting adventure. 


Chapter 1....has begun.  I am so happy you will join me!

Where I walk is unknown.  But I like that!

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take a look at my latest redo collection... browse my "redo showcase" page for many more cool red door redo before and after pictures...push button 


great grandmother gifted buffet now a dining room showpiece


I took an old tea towel, a found frame I painted, 3 children's pie pans inserted on bobbin stick and tah dah....2 fabulous fall treasures


a soulful redo/renew of an old trunk brought back to life with my repaint and new hardware. Hope your Grandfather is smiling down on his new trunk

Long long time ago this little gem was meant for food....until red door love made it into a bar
in my fabulous customer's home

"Autumn, Autumn, you did not see me spying
When you laid your hand caressingly on summer's drowsy head..."

John Richard Moreland (Autumn)

Fall Tokens

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