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Ocean Rocks
it all began with one breath

carole scoggin
life artist


life...interpreted by me

      In addition to being a local school employee, a mother of four and a happy silly wife, I have spent 50+ years of dabbling in mixed media canvas art, hand sewn goodies, theater set painting at my local high school, dragon boat hat designing, and countless handcrafted gifts for family and friends. This personal life-long wandering has affected me so deeply that I have discovered another journey, furniture/home decor transformation "stories".

     Out of my endless, soulful, and creative sparks, along with the positive spiritual energy of those who surround me; my little red door redo was born.  I realized I have a purpose in this greater picture we call life. My never-ending creativity daily pulls back so many cool layers that lie inside of me. When I enter my workshop to begin the transformation, I go in unscripted and unknowing...creating solely on vibration, impressions, and visions.  My art suddenly begins to tell stories of the past, the present and one day the future. This unique process and experience allows my beautiful customers to trust me with their furniture, sewing projects, and home decor items.  So come on in and allow me to redo something for you while you are enjoying the splendors of your wanderings.  


"There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person."  Mr. Rogers

Crimson Views

Bits and Bobbles
red door redo

As you begin wandering around my site, you will see many projects I have completed.  I have slowly opened my red door and are completing projects from my very patient and very soulful customers.

 Hang tight...

I will get you on my red door redo list



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