dorothy said, "there's no place like home"

when my mom passed away 2 years ago, pieces of her life were split up amongst me and my siblings. can you hear it now? who gets mom's 1970's crockpot? anybody need a ziploc bag full of bag ties? dishtowels? frozen kielbasi in her freezer? the picture i posted is a battery operated candle she bought but never used it. she had a lot of things that she saved to use for that special occasion. so i put it in my window, set the timer to go off over every time it turns dark and replace the batteries whenever it goes out. it is my little light of hope in my family room window that says hi mom and dad and everyone that has passed in my life...i love you and you are the light within me. when they all look down from heaven they can find my house because that candle guides them to my home. today and maybe days beyond...put a candle in your window so that when the sun sets it will glow letting those who have passed or those who need a sign of hope a little flickering flame of love, peace and joy. happy wandering today. you all matter in this world!

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