iota, smidge, fragment

shred chicken, shred paper, shred a guitar, shred body weight, shred cheese...the options are unlimited!

if shredding allows oneself to take something substantial down to a handful of snippets of the big picture, will the final remnants still emulate the original flavor and vibe? yes! yes! yes! and sometimes even better! i have seen my physical energy become so granulated in the creative process that strangely i have more energy, more thirst to keep going, more drive to pull back my raw layers to produce something that leaves me completely breathless time and time again. i can't describe in words how i get from point a to point z, but i can say it is so worth the shredding. today i challenge you to shred your layers that hold you back from seeing the big picture. take one scrap, one snippet and allow it to simply become your energy source for the day. don't forget to share that snippet with one person. circle of life! that is the big picture.

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