knock..knock..who's there? dna. dna who? dna you!

just a silly teaching day!

so states that dna is our "coiled strands, our genetic code, our qualities, our features." oh i totally can relate to that! its all mine and you can't have it. sorry, because you have your own. i love my features because they connect me to my italian and lithuanian roots. i love my creativity cause it connects me to my mother's love of hand work and water color classes. i love my silliness cause it connects me to my dad when he would tell stories hiding in a floor plant because the story was about a jungle. i love that deep inside me, i have a genetic code that i continually pull back its mysterious layers. i love that every day i don't know how i will do life and where it will take me but somehow my internal genetic compass keeps pointing me in the right direction. so today, take a good look in the mirror and find your best feature that connects you to a strand deep within yourself and is the imprint that drives your compass to point to your dream, desires and true loves in life. circle of life! the door is ready to be opened! knock knock who's there? YOU

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