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the ruby slipper project

Red Shoes

the ruby slipper project

Fox with Balloons
Image by Karina Vorozheeva

the effect

Image by Fiona Smallwood

I am a creative human on a spiritual colorful journey.  I am unable to take a step without being present and accountable for every movement.  In order to move forward I consistently appreciate where I have been.  It matters what I leave behind because if you step in one of my footprints then the circle continues to grow and grace and goodness will travel through time.  My creative soul is my ruby slipper effect.  It has allowed me to come back home to where I belong, where I matter, where my fire within stays lit.

What is your ruby slipper that takes you home?  What glittery effects on others are you leaving behind?

This is the project.  This is our fire within.


Sit down, reflect and stay present. 

You Matter!


ruby slipper project #3

I am starting to realize that inside every human is a little spice, a little salt and a little sugar.  It is your journey choice that brings out your seasoning.  With this next project, I grabbed an old basket journey but this time I added a little spice...Turmeric.  Can I just say that this  has become my newest soul color.  I am lost within its hues, its balance, its never ending generous natural beauty.  Look around your journey and locate your natural soul color that brings  you balance and peace from within. The ruby slipper effect was that what gave my soul harmony was right inside my spice cabinet



ruby slipper project #2

Find a piece of your past that evokes a happy feeling and use it in your present being.  I found my old typewriter in the back of a cupboard today and I am over the moon!  Your creative soul will love a hidden gem from your past.  The ruby slipper effect was that I had to think of every word as I typed and didn't use google or spellcheck.  It was exhilarating.  Oh this hidden gem will so travel with me on my spirited journey.  Have fun with your found treasure!!



ruby slipper project #1

Find anything scrappy in your home and create something small that will house your journey intentions. Here I found leftover piping, scraps of fabrics and made a tiny fabric bowl. As I created something I had no idea what I was doing but I stayed present and mindful. The ruby slipper effect was that I was peaceful walking in an unknown task and I had no fears! OK! Your Turn...don't think about what you are doing as you are creating, just let your fire within guide your hands. Look with your heart not your eyes! Have fun!!



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